Our Vision

  • 1.

    Striving for a greener grow

    We're determined to provide growers a chemical-free way to prevent pests. We want our customers to have the option to use an environmentally-safe product to protect their plants.

  • 2.

    Simple organic solution

    Gnatty Nets effectively incorporate organic methods of eliminating the effectiveness of soil-born insects from contaminating soil and impairing plant growth.

  • 3.

    Curing and preventing

    Gnatty Nets prevent soil-born insects from negatively impacting a plant’s potential by means of both curative and preventative methods.

About Us

We're passionate about your yield

Here at Gnatty Nets, we constantly strive to make plant growing a more natural, safe, and successful endeavor. Our products tremendously reduce the amount of pesticides required for maintaining high growth yields. Give Gnatty Nets a try and see for yourself that you can achieve excellent results in an organic manner.

our people

  • Adam Lescault Zoom

    Adam Lescault

    Adam is our resident professional botanist, always striving to improve growth yields by incorporating organic methodologies.

  • Ginarae Lescault Zoom

    Ginarae Lescault

    Ginarae is our marketing guru, with extensive experience in the field. She also heads up our Human Resources department.

  • Elizabete De Lima-Ryan Zoom

    Elizabete De Lima-Ryan

    Liz is our fearless production manager, constantly ensuring that the Gnatty Nets product line runs smoothly and efficiently, like a well-oiled machine.

  • Chris Ryan Zoom

    Chris Ryan

    Chris is our technical specialist, always keeping a keen eye on all of the minute details related to Gnatty Nets in an effort to consistently deliver excellent products to our customers.