Organic pest
control solution

Preventative and curative

Durable and

Various sizes, machine-washable


Integrated pest management

  • Reusable

    Gnatty Nets are machine-washable and are engineered to last.

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  • Organic

    Our approach drastically reduces the need for plant-protectant applications.

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  • Adaptable

    Any plant. Any pot. Gnatty Nets are compatible with any planting container.

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  • Proven

    Beta-tested in controlled environments and proven to prevent pest infestations.

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Don't Just Take Our Word for It... “Gnatty Nets are a must have for anyone growing in air pots. This product is extraordinary for blocking gnats and other pests from your grow medium, as well as maintaining a clean grow space. Gnatty Nets fix all the drawbacks of air pots.”

- John Iozzo
New England Holistics of Rhode Island